Lynne M. Hayes has written a book that goes beyond the medical jargon and speaks to the heart of the reader. Yet her book is comprised of questions  to ask a Plastic Surgeon  before the journey, complications that myself as a medical consumer should be aware of, Detox from the toxic effects of Implants & even bra’s! The ladies stories spoke to me and tears flowed as I felt a real validation after 30 years with Breast Implants! Self Love, being okay with my natural self. Thank you Lynne for writing this inspiring book for myself and so many other women as we start a new journey, weary from the miles already walked! Denise A


I bought Lynne’s book Explant-ology and read it over the next few days, I have to say it really helped me make my decision to explant. I felt informed and prepared to go ahead with my surgery. Thank you Bella J


Thank you for being there when I need you most, I was alone and really desperate when I found Lynne on Google, I am now ready to go ahead with my explant. I am booked after Christmas and I can’t wait. Michelle H


This e-book has been my explant bible since I purchased it, I can’t thank Lynne enough for all the advice and help she has offered me since I found her online. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jess R


I got breast implants 24 years ago, at the time my surgeon told me they would outlive me, little did I know how wrong he was. My life has been absolute hell for years, my health has deteriorated and my family life has suffered. I found Lynne Hayes and her support group online and Lynne supported me enough for me to undergo explant surgery in July 2014. I can tell you my health has improved now those toxic bags are out of my body and I have a renewed zest for life. My health continues to improve on a daily basis, thanks Lynne and the lovely ladies in the Explant Info Support Group, xx Kerrie M


Where do I begin? I have never felt myself since I got breast implants 3 years ago, I am 23 and didn’t think the whole thing through fully long term. I found Lynne Hayes on Facebook and right away contacted her, she was lovely and didn’t judge me, I finally felt someone was actually listening to what I was saying. Lynne came to my appointment with me as I have no family in Australia. I booked for the surgery and I had my breast implants removed 3 weeks ago. I am over the moon with my results, thank you Lynne for all the information you shared with me and the advance copy of Explant-ology, luv Emily P